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The broadcast industry has undergone a digital revolution. Media servers for broadcast applications are becoming more common. As servers transcend the current flow of video storage solutions, major technological advances offer unlimited possibilities as capacities and performance increase. The broadcasting industry already benefits from the computer industry. Media servers that use these technologies form the core of the broadcast studio that processes video and audio. As a result, there will be fundamental changes in the nature of how things are done. Hard drives and Solid State Drives-based systems will be the predominant storage medium.


Powerful dedicated servers are required

Streaming is a term that is often used to define the display of video and audio media in real time. In short, there are two types of streaming.

The "real" streaming requires a special service that transmits the audio / video information in real time. The player on the visitor's computer interprets this data flow and immediately visualizes it. Such technology requires powerful dedicated servers because a lot of resources are required to work correctly. You need such a server if, for example, you want to broadcast live video.

live-streaming-open-graph copy

Real-time encryption & transmission

Most streaming server technologies register, encrypt and transmit your videos in real time, making them suitable for websites of TV stations, live shows or websites such as or where millions of visitors play and upload videos.

HTTP streaming or "pseudo-streaming" is a suitable solution for people who do not want to spend a lot of money and resources on expensive broadcast servers. The effect of live streaming is achieved by buffering and playing back part of the downloaded video file while the remainder of the file is still being downloaded.

In order to deploy servers for the right application, it is advisable to first examine the minimum requirements and the scalability. Together with the expertise of ServerDirect it is easy to come to the best solution.

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