Camera Surveillance & Security

ServerDirect has a wide range of server solutions for the surveillance and security area. Because of our years of experience and expertise in this field we know by our better than anyone which solutions are best suited for specific applications.

Building security

Video surveillance solutions for any kind of building security need. Ensuring public safety and protection of valuable assets and goods.

From a public building with low security needs, to a highly secured premises with valuables to protect. ServerDirect offers hardware to any kind of video surveillance needs.



Reliable and accurate video surveillance is of utmost importance at critical infrastructure such as tunnels, bridges and highway crossings. We provide the latest and reliable hardware for infrastructure video surveillance.

With our experience in projects around the world, combined with the flexibility of video management software to integrate in any infra-surveillance systems and the right hardware to operate in these conditions, we ensure the best server solution.

A continuous solution for infrastructure
From our experience in infrastructure projects, we understand and have defined the importance of continuous, unfailing video surveillance. If a system fails, this has immense consequences, such as reduced safety for passing traffic and high costs. For every infrastructure project, we therefore integrate specialist failover solutions, making sure the installed video surveillance continues to operate, even when an error occurs.


Video surveillance solutions for any kind of parking need. Ensuring public safety and protection of valuable assets and goods.

The parking market knows many variables and that’s exactly where ServerDirect comes in place. From relatively small sized secured parkhouses at hotels or companies right up to huge public parking lots at airports, exhibition centers and shopping malls. Although they differ in size and character, they share a lot of common goals: make it comfortable, safe and attractive for the user, yet at the same time make it efficient, manageable and reliable for the owner.

ServerDirect offers the flexibility to achieve all these goals. Available features of the companies we work with, such as license plate recognition and color detection of cars and interface options to connect with park management systems make the video management solution a perfect fit for any parking system, big or small.

Isometric 3D vector illustration entrance and exit to the parking lot

Retail sector

Video surveillance solutions for retailers are based on two key questions: how to protect properties and precious goods, and how to add value through video surveillance.

With video surveillance software, you can make sure every event is captured and theft and vandalism can be reduced or prevented. Using intelligence and powerful macros, systems can detect unwanted situations and take action to signal surveillance, pro-actively send a notice to your mobile device and interact with other 3rd party surveillance systems, for instance to activate an alarm.

With good hardware and software, any event is captured. We have a team of specialists to ensure that the video surveillance system is tailored to your specific needs and requirements and therefore making sure your store is protected.

Marine, Oil & Gas

Video security solutions for Marine, Oil & Gas industries. Continuous safety and security, protecting valuable assets and the people aboard.

Managing a large amount of video channels, up to hundreds of cameras on just one location, can be a big challenge. Efficient and capable hardware is required. It is virtually impossible for anyone to keep track of all of them. Innovative video management systems ensure that your system operators see what is important.



Video surveillance in healthcare environments can help reduce costs and increase the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff.

Healthcare institutions, such as hospitals and other medical treatment centers, deal with many issues nowadays that can be a threat to the wellbeing of patients as well as the staff. Issues due to cost reductions (and a higher workload for the staff), unwanted visitors in restrictive areas, protection of medication storage, but also accessibility of reserved lanes and parking for emergency vehicles.

Video security systems with our reliable professional servers can help solve these issues. We provide tailor-made servers for the healhcare sector.

Few more examples of use

Head count
Mapping visitor flows and thus gaining data insight from your customer.

Face detection
Face detection with age and gender estimation for marketing purposes.


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