Government & Federal

By working more efficiently, the government prefers to cut costs. IT plays an important role in the austerity plans of government institutions. What people are referring to is not cutting back on IT, but through IT. This mainly involves digitizing data and working digitally: independent of place, time and device. According to the government, the New Way of Work produces more productive employees.

Where are we active?

ServerDirect is among others active at the government, municipalities, provinces, water boards, ministries, police and fire brigade and health care.


Green wave project

ServerDirect helped a company that worked on the green wave by providing hardware. A green wave is a term from traffic engineering and it means that traffic (usually motorists, but often also public transport and sometimes cyclists) can continue on a traffic road with multiple traffic lights without having to stop (each light is green when passing). This is achieved by linking the cycle of traffic lights to each other and adjusting them to the average driving speed.

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