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Kingston provides server memory to the top data centers around the world

Dedication to Quality
Kingston invests millions in the development and testing of its modules today to reduce your total cost of ownership tomorrow. The resulting performance, stability and long-term reliability are among the reasons Kingston server memory has become a worldwide industry standard. With more than a quarter of a century of server memory expertise, and as an industry leader, Kingston has the knowledge and resources to support your server memory needs.

Testing: Above and Beyond
Testing is a cornerstone of Kingston’s commitment to delivering the most reliable memory you can buy.

In addition to the full suite of tests Kingston Technology performs on its memory, every Kingston server module must pass Dynamic Burn-in Testing. It’s a unique process designed to further screen out potentially defective modules before they are shipped. Learn more

Application Acceleration
Find the best solution with our industry-standard Server Premier memory and brand specific memory to get the exact RAM you need in your systems.

Kingston DRAM Manufacturing Tour
Take a virtual tour of Kingston’s manufacturing floor to see how DRAM memory modules are made.


Server Premier Memory

From the world’s independent memory leader

Manufacturer Qualification
Kingston works with leading server motherboard manufacturers to qualify its server memory on their platforms. Kingston also works with Advanced Validation Labs (AVL) to provide compatibility certification on a select list of Intel and SuperMicro server boards.

Accelerating modern data centers and hyperscale computing

Server Premier modules are manufactured using a locked Bill of Materials (BOM), which is ideal for system integrators (SI) and information technology (IT) architects, who use or build white box systems and require a consistent brand and revision of DRAM.

Full BOM control
All active components locked

Manufacturer Certification
Tested and qualified on leading server motherboard/system manufacturers

Product Change Notification (PCN)
45 to 90-day notice

Platform Validation


System Specific - Kingston Memory for OEM Branded Systems

From the world’s independent memory leader

Kingston System-Specific Server Memory
Our system-specific server memory is ideal for customers who use OEM or branded systems and know the name and model number of their system.

Each Kingston system-specific module is designed, manufactured, tested and tailored to maximize the performance of a specific brand name computer system and guaranteed to be compatible in that system.

Guaranteed Compatibility
Kingston system-specific memory is guaranteed to be compatible, so you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality memory, tailored to your specific computer and backed by 100-percent product testing and legendary Kingston reliability.


Why upgrade?
The easiest way to improve server performance is with a memory upgrade. Consider adding more memory if you’re implementing a new database program, adding commerce functionality to your company’s website, adding users to an application, or if you are faced with an increasing virtual workload.

Upgrading your server’s memory can serve larger databases, provide faster responses for those using the cloud and improve speed for applications living in memory.


By increasing memory, you allow more virtual machines and can also increase allocation to maximize your existing hardware. Virtualization lowers total cost of ownership and more memory for VDI means a faster response when apps sit in memory.

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