22 TB for Data Center Expansion
The explosive growth of data from AI/ML, 5G networks, IoT, connected vehicles, and more is resulting in a significant increase in data centers. HDD innovation is the driving force behind the ability to capture, store, analyze, and protect much of this data. Higher-capacity HDDs offer greater data density, enabling data centers to expand and enhance their efficiency.

The Ultrastar DC HC570 22TB HDD for data centers with OptiNAND™ technology represents the next leap in data density. This 22 TB HDD for data centers enables up to 22.44 PB of raw storage in a standard rack. This increased volumetric density allows data centers to maximize their storage, especially in environments where space and power are scarce.

The Ultrastar DC HC570 combines various leading technologies into a 10-disk CMR drive, providing the performance, quality, and reliability that data center customers need.

Additionally, we can also equip existing Ultrastar Data60 and Data102 JBODs with 22TB HDDs based on conventional magnetic recording (CMR) technology.

Low power consumption leads to lower operating costs.
Ultrastar HDDs are designed to provide optimal power across a wide range of workloads. The DC HC570 offers energy-efficient sequential read/write operations and mixed random read/write operations.

Benefits of OptiNAND Technology
The Ultrastar DC HC570 is the second-generation platform with OptiNAND technology, integrating an iNAND® Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Embedded Flash Drive (EFD) with traditional spinning disk media.

Western Digital's leadership in areal density, at 2.2 TB per disk, is extended to a new 10-disk platform that delivers 22 TB of capacity with CMR recording format. More disks and high areal density together ensure maximum efficiency in data storage.


Capacity22 TB
Format3.5 Inch
Disk Speed (RPM)7200rpm
Sizes (L x W x H)147mm x 101.6mm x 26.1mm

Vendor part numbers

22 TB, SE (SATA)0F48155
22 TB, SED (SATA)0F48154
22 TB, SE (SAS)0F48152
22 TB, SED (SAS)0F48151

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