Ultrastar DC SN655

Unlocking the Full Potential of Enterprise SSDs

With dual-port redundancy and failover capability, end-to-end data protection and additional enterprise features, Ultrastar DC SN655 NVMe SSDs help ensure your data is secure and available when needed. With high-capacity, low-latency performance reaching up to 1.1M IOPs, storage providers are efficiently able to increase capacity for modern applications processing large unstructured datasets and are reducing time-to-insights of big data and enabling efficient machine learning.

Emerging Workloads

Ultrastar DC SN65x NVMe SSDs are optimized for cloud and scaleout workloads, providing high QoS consistency for the emerging workloads for big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning that are increasing in size and complexity making them the ideal solution for scaling capacity and maximizing GB/watt.


Ultrastar DC SN655 NVMe SSDs includes the next generation Western Digital NVMe 1.4b controller with PCIe Generation 4.0 interface and Western Digital BiCS5 TLC 3D NAND to enable higher capacities and performance at scale for increasingly larger application workloads. Designed and built for the standard 2.5” SSD storage infrastructure, the SN655 includes support for U.2 and U.3 backplanes and features power loss protection and 2.5M MTBF (projected) and 1.0 DW/D with a 5 year limited warranty.


  • Features
    Power loss protection, end-to-end data path protection, variable sector sizes, and more, Western Digital NVMe 1.4 Compliant Controller and PCle® 4.0 Western Digital BiCS5 3D TLC NAND
  • Capacity
  • Form Factor
    U.3 15 mm
  • Connector
  • Compatibility
    Windows Server
  • Sequential Read Performance
  • Sequential Write Performance
  • Random Read
    1000K IOPS
  • Random Write
    112K IOPS
  • Interface
    PCIe Gen4, NVMe 1.4b
  • Security


  • 3.84TB , SE: 0TS2458
  • 3.84TB , ISE: 0TS2461
  • 3.84TB , TCG Ruby: 0TS2467
  • 7.68TB , SE: 0TS2459
  • 7.68TB , ISE: 0TS2462
  • 7.68TB , TCG Ruby: 0TS2468
  • 15.36TB , SE: 0TS2460
  • 15.36TB , ISE: 0TS2463
  • 15.36TB , TCG Ruby: 0TS2469

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